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automatic machine for red clay tennis court resurfacing
VENUS TERRAROSSA is an excellent machine for Har-Tru or red clay tennis court maintenance. In this video, the machine is working on a Har-Tru tennis clay court. More and more, people want to play on Har-Tru playgrounds, so Har-Tru has become the most used system to build tennis clay court in USA. Although it is referred to as clay, Har-Tru surfacing material is actually composed of crushed stone. This is what makes it such an effective tennis court surface. As you can see in the video, VENUS works on it perfectly. VENUS represents without doubts the best way to recondition Har-Tru tennis courts and get a perfect surface. The machine works properly for daily maintenance as well as for the annual maintenenance.

My name is John Scruby, I represent a company in California Olde World Design that builds and maintains clay and bocce ball courts.
I wanna show you how we deal with one of the hardest problems we have in this industry and that is a very hard crusted surface.
Today within the beautiful Maple Valley as you can see, we gonna be working on a Har-Tru hydro court that has a very hard compacted surface. Breaking up a hard crusted surface is really a tough job; today we gonna demonstrate a machine, the Venus, that we bought from Italy specifically for this type of works.
This machine works like a mini rototiller, the blades can be setted to the exact depth of the crusted ground that has to be removed, so it can be broken up and easily removed or recycle back into the court. A hard pent surface is not ruined by playing or by a normal usage of the court but by the accumulation of very fine clay particles working your way up, with the natural attraction of the moisture coming from the outside and combining and collecting on the top surface. This crust is not broken up yearly or on a yearly basis, this crust will grow in thickness and at some point in time become impervious to water. Once the crust is broken up on the standard markets you can proceed, any clay, baseball in field or pathway surface can be renewed.

Whatch the final part of that second video: Mr. Scruby will explain you something very important! Now we've made one pass just to show you what this machine can do on a HarTru court. Here is the pass that shows what the machine has done right here, if we turn the surface has been taken off very tough. If you see over here how hard and crusty this is and it came down maybe a sixty plus and what we've done is that we've dough up this very tough crusty stuff in a pulverized material and this is now the natural look that we should have, the natural court HAR-TRU right there.


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